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    Khai Nguyen

    Same thing with me using a Tacx T2015 speed and cadence sensor. Either you've also upgraded me also since I'm now doing 300+ W while figuring out how to sign up for the TdF 2017, or something did not go right with the update. I opt for the last option. 

    The app now choose Tacx Bluematic automaticly, and L4 (what is it and what's the difference with L8) Before I chose Bluemotion but that was propably wrong. But it worked either way. Please fix this as soon as possible!


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    Sophie Maynard

    I've just installed the latest version of the app and now none of the videos will play or download. I've checked my subscription and my wifi and also uninstalled the app and put it back on but nothing has worked.

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    Mark Elston

    I have had issues connecting my speed / virtual power device on the new version. At first recognised as cadence device. Then the incorrect power was being picked up. Using a JetBlack Whisper Drive trainer. No issues on the previous version.

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